Courses Offered


Sharon is involved in enhancing children’s learning via an international organization called ecl.  This organisation provides tools and techniques for principals, teachers, parents and anyone involved  in education, to help learners become more creative in their educational endeavours through awareness of themselves and others in a systemic way that creates a feeling of belonging and having value.

She offers a number of training courses as well as custom-designed trainings for all types of organisations.  For more details of these courses click here.

For details of TA101 please click here

Sharon offers individual coaching on Skype for people not in the Johannesburg area.

She also offers group coaching in Johannesburg.


Individual coaching sessions in Johannesburg take place in Sandton.  The address is available on enquiry.

Group coaching sessions can be arranged  on-site for organisations in the Johannesburg area or in Sandton by arrangement.

Sharon also offers workshops on FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS.

These workshops take place once per month on a Wednesday evening from 6.30 to 9.30. Those who wish to attend may contact her on and request to be placed on a mailing list to receive information regarding the dates of constellations as well as to book a place. These workshops are open to anyone wishing to either constellate or represent in someone else’s constellation. For more information regarding family constellations (or other constellations), please email Sharon.